Nikos Arvanitis

Glass, iron, rubber, silicone, water, 2015

Exhibition view at
the symptom 06: Rims and frontiers, Group Exhibition
Old Amfissa Hospital
10. - 25. October 2015
curated by: Evaggelia Ledaki

The horizon of Nikos Arvanitis comprises seven glass containers mounted each on a metal stand and interconnected by plastic tubes. This closed system of communicating vessels is like a model that shows the mechanics of aquifers. According to this structure, we must picture the jars as lakers and the tubes as underground flows and springs. The system contains water. The level of water is the same everywhere, running across the entire system and forming a seemingly broken horizon. The cuts and narrow passages do not hinder the flow.  Although the vessels are of different sizes and shapes, the fluid forms a straight line. Nikos borrows this equilevel logic from an earlier work by Eftichis Patsourakis with the same title (2011), which was made using pre-existing seascape paintings.  The transcription of seascapes into vessels represents an interesting shift: here the painted readymades (the amateur seascapes assembled by Patsourakis in Horizon #6) are turned into industrial containers. The containers make up a self contained system characterized by discontinuous associative transmutations, the delineation of space and a repetitive structure that references the logic of Lacanian topology: the liminality of traversing, continuity through the cut, repetition, return.

Text by Evangelia Ledaki.

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