Limit of Control
sound installation, alarm clocks, 2011

?Fovos (Fear)?, Group Show, Salon De Vortex, Lo and Behold, Athens, Greece
24.02 - 24.03. 2011


The exhibition explores the increase of individual fears and their currency in the present socio-political circumstances, and it considers the historicity of fear. At the same time, it attempts to introduce a framework of reflexion on personal fears as they are delineated in visual arts.
The practices of response to fear, also, are not always explicit, ranging from opposition, enforcement and occupation to defence, shrinking and withdrawal. In this respect, when personal fears constitute the raw material of artistic creation, they are documented as images of decorum, normality or ambivalence, while in other instances they are articulated as forms of conflict, anxiety and violence.
The exhibition examines aspects of fear as they have been illustrated in the work of ten contemporary artists.


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