Iron construction, 275 x 215 x 295,5 cm, 2010.
2 drawings pencil on paper, each 40 x 50 cm, 2010.

"Legitimate Possession", Group show. Kardamili, Mani, Greece.
August 08. - August 30. 2010


The exhibition took place in an old pastry shop. During the 1980s the roofof the building was running, parallel to the pastry shop, as an open air cinema. The steel structure found on the roof functioned at thattime as the skeleton of the projectors cabinet. Nikos Arvanitis reuses this existing steel structure and presents it as his own work. Entitlesthe structure PERGOLA and gives it a new utilitarian value. He measures the steel structure and draws the technical schemes necessary for itsconstruction. In this way the artist reverses the process of production.



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