Barking Dogs United: What We Want Is What You Want II
Floor installation containing 500 Skateboards, 2010.

?Ce qui vient? (That which comes), curated by Raphaële Jeune / Art tobe, Les Ateliers de Rennes ? Biennale d?Art Contemporain, France.


The Barking Dogs United duo are drawn to the clichéd aspects of ourculture, their work is grounded in the everyday through multiple references to the incoherencies of our capitalist society.
For That which comes, Barking Dogs United are exposing What You Want IsWhat We Want, an installation composed of skateboards which covers the ground of an entire passageway in the Couvent des Jacobins, yetaccessible to the public. This unstable terrain forces the visitor to move in a hesitant, cautious manner. The work evokes the risks we takeonce we go forward, once we go through an uncertain period, and the body is entirely concentrated on keeping its balance.

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