Barking Dogs United: FX
FX. Guitar effect pedals manipulated to personal preference effect devices, 2010.
FX (Part 2 and 3). Schemes, Light-boxes with digital prints, DIN A0, 2008.

"AN DAS GERÄT", Group Show, Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany.


Effect pedals can be used to create incredible sound effects. For Barking DogsUnited though, the combination of these transformation devices is not a collection of effect pedals for sound modulation. In a laboratorysituation, they have modified the electro-mechanical structure of a series of such pedals, and designed a visionary machine. It is nolonger the audio signals of a musical instrument with ?Wah-Wah?, ?Flanger?, ?Delay?, ?Noise-Gate?, or ?Overdrive? effects, which can bemanipulated. It is the mental, social, and physical characteristics of a person, his state of existence, its input, and output that could bemodified with ?Thinking booster?, ?Brain Equalizer?, ?Lust Station? and ?Mental Core?. Light boxes with schemes explain the principle. Theprototype of the device is ready for testing. The visible inner life of the machine, with all its cables, LEDs, switches, and screws might bereminiscent of the inner life of the human brain. The artists understand the viewer?s knowledge gaps about the complex functions ofthis electrical swarm as an offer to associate how fear would be inspiring or enjoyable while using such a machine. May the challengedinformation recipient agree with Marshall McLuhans? (1911-1980) statement that ?the medium is the message - an inventory of effects? -which the media theorist illustrates with the example of a light bulb.

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