Nikos Arvanitis>
Re-locating The Thrills

Solo exhibition, gellery, Athens, Greece, 3.11 - 5.12.08


In Re-locating the thrills exhibition Arvanitis attempts to decompose the notional and aesthetic form of mass culture products, convert it and negate our
predominant perception of that particular form. Taking advantage of the given
popularity of pop culture and its products, he uses references to music, cinema and fine arts, having as goal the wish to reform the thrilling relation between the spectator and the work of art. By defining the works aesthetic and critical dimension, he proposes new possibilities to approach and experience visual art and exposes us to a complete different reading of the globalized culture of the spectacle.

>> "Put your Function in my Form" text by Christopher Marinos on Nikos Arvanitis: Re-locating the Thrills solo show (.pdf)

Blitz Bop (When Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy met Walter) Iron, 250 x 80 x 40 cm, 2008.

Star System For New Purposes (Your Rodchenko in my Bauhaus) Pencil on paper, each 130 x 95 cm, 2008.

Drive In (Damien goes to Hollywood) Wood, aluminium weels, animation, duration 6 min on loop, 350 x 150 x 125 cm, 2008.

Drive In (Damien goes to Hollywood) Animation, duration 6 min on loop, 2008

Titles For Works (Jello Revisited) Wood, iron, speaker, amplifier, mp3 player, sound, duration 15min 30 sec, 134 x 33,5 x 23 cm, 2008.

Titles For Works (Jello Revisited), English version, Recorded at Feedback Studios, Athens, Narrator: Giorgos Stefanopoulos, Produced by Nikos Arvanitis, 2008

Titles For Works (Jello Revisited), Greek version, Recorded by Nikos Arvanitis, Narrator: Nikos Kyriadidis, Produced by Nikos Arvanitis, 2013

Pleasure (After Peter Saville) Digital print, edition of 5, each 113 x 113 cm, 2008.

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