Distraction Set For An Aesthetic Destruction
Audio CD and Sound Installation, 2005.
Reduced Entertainment
Light box, 125x 12,5x 12,5 cm, 2005


Nikos Arvanitis collected music from the so-called pop culture, which was produced within the last 4 decades. He edited the songs and created autonomous samples out of each song. Each sample is cut in a way that can be played as a loop. In Track 1 "First Attempt" and Track 3 "Second Attempt", he pasted these samples randomly one after the other in three audio stereo channel. The first channel is panned at the left side of the stereophonic system the second at the middle and the third at the right side.
The samples are played back by following their own autonomous tempo synchronization. When the entire loop is played, the next one is following.
In Track 2 "Quantized Attempt" he placed the samples in one stereo channel one after the other. This time, each sample is not following its own tempo but it is synchronized (quantized) to the tempo of the entire mix.
Each sample is played only for a specified and tempo synchronized period of time and then the next sample follows.

Within this process Nikos Arvanitis attempts to destruct his aesthetic perception in order to understand it and simultaneously, to distract his aesthetic knowledge in order to evaluate it. (26 years of living and 4 decades of music within 15 minutes.)
Audio tracks: 01. First Attempt, 02. Quantized Attempt, 03. Second Attempt

Exhibition view. "Engage", group exhibition curated by Polyna Kosmadaki, Gazon Rouge Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2006.

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