Bus Journey
Intervention in public space, 2004

Public buses are part of the very basic structure of a city and important partof citizens every day life. A group of 106 people, all dressed in the same colour, will enter a public bus and fill it. Each person will geta valid bus ticket from the artist. We will remain inside the bus until the end of the journey. No one of the participants should leave the busduring the trip. No one waiting for the bus at the bus stops will be able to enter it because the bus will be filled to its capacity.

On the "Bus Journey" work Nikos Arvanitis is using  functions anddysfunctions of the public transportation system in oreder  to research and examine how an obviously illegal action could be done in alegal way, using state's own structure. He seeks, through this work, a wider discussion about everyday lifes structures and comments theindividuals own part inside these structures. How everybody is being adapted and getting used to a system and how finally is everybodypositioning his self in it.


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